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About Tryouts

There are three days of tryouts for each age group.  The players only need to attend one day. Regional and American teams will try out each day, but the final decision for the American teams will be made on the 3rd tryout day.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that they are able to change shoes and stretch out before the tryouts begin. Please wear athletic clothing, court shoes and kneepads, and have hair neatly pulled away from the face.  No jewelry should be worn.  There is a water fountain onsite, but we recommend that each girl brings their own water bottle.

There will be information displayed in the commons area: information about the club and the season, a tentative tournament schedule, a copy of the Player Handbook, etc.  Please review these items while your child is trying out.  The directors and their assistants will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The different age groups/playing levels will be on different courts and the appropriate coaches will be observing and working with the players. 

Contracts will be awarded each of the three tryout days.  Those who do not receive a contract at the end of the tryout are welcome to return and try out again on the next scheduled tryout day.  We may also continue to offer contracts after tryouts, as more positions become available. If this happens, you will be contacted by email.  The contract guarantees you a place with Eastside Volleyball Club for the upcoming season, but does not guarantee a specific team, level, coach, or position.  Those decisions will be made at a later date.  

The fee for tryouts is $20 (plus processing fee) if paid with the registration prior to tryouts.  If you register and/or pay at tryouts, the fee is $25 and only checks or cash are accepted at tryouts.  The tryout fee includes a t-shirt.


Step 1 — Register for a tryout membership on (see below for helpful PDFs)

Step 2 — While on, fill out the Waiver and Release of Liability form.  Print a copy and keep for your records.  You will need to bring a copy with you to tryouts.

Step 3 — Register Here


OVR Registration Help


6th GRADE & Under

Friday, Oct. 26th 5:00–6:00p Regional
Sunday, Oct. 28th 1:00–2:30p Regional
Saturday, Nov. 3rd 10:30a–12:00p Regional


Friday, Oct. 26th 7:30–9:00p Amer. & Reg.
Saturday, Oct. 27th 12:30–2:00p American
Sunday, Oct. 28th 5:00–6:30p Regional
Saturday, Nov. 3rd 2:30–4:00p Amer. & Reg.


Sunday, Nov. 11th 3:00–4:30p Amer. & Reg.
Friday, Nov. 16th 6:30–8:00p Amer. & Reg.
Saturday, Nov. 17th 6:00–7:30p Amer. & Reg.


7th Grade

Friday, Oct. 26th 6:00–7:30p Amer. & Reg.
Saturday, Oct. 27th 10:30–12:00p American
Sunday, Oct. 28th 3:00–4:30p Regional
Saturday, Nov. 3rd 12:30–2:00p Amer. & Reg.


Sunday, Nov. 11th 1:00–2:30p Amer. & Reg.
Friday, Nov. 16th 5:00–6:30p Amer. & Reg.
Saturday, Nov. 17th 4:00–5:30p Amer. & Reg.

11TH & 12th GRADE 

Sunday, Nov. 11th 5:00–6:30p Amer. & Reg.
Friday, Nov. 16th 8:00–9:00p Amer. & Reg.
Saturday, Nov. 17th 7:30–9:00p Amer. & Reg.


Eastside Athletics Facility

11435 Lithopolis Rd, Lithopolis 43136