Eastside Volleyball Club has been giving quality instruction to volleyball players of all ages since 2003.

Meet the directors

Directors and head coaches, Glenn Ferrone and Nikki Young, are a father/daughter team that have been coaching with the club since 2005. Glenn has 20+ years of experience coaching and has a very strong foundation in the basic skills needed to succeed at this sport. He advocates mastery of basic skills, hard work, and most of all having fun! He strives to make each girl a better player, a better teammate, and a better person as a whole. He instilled these values in his daughter, who first attended practice with him as a child, then practiced with him when she was a player, then finally as she grew as a coach. 

Nikki has 12+ years of experience coaching, and finds it very rewarding to work with each of the girls on an individual basis to improve and master their skills. Nikki is also proud that she is continuing the family tradition, as her own daughters have grown to love the sport while watching practices and games. 

Glenn and Nikki greet the beginning of each club season with enthusiasm and excitement, and look forward to getting to know each of the players and parents. 

Fun & Friendly Environment

Forming a supportive and friendly club with open communication is a priority at Eastside, and we encourage each of our coaches to lead their teams with these beliefs in mind.  We love Eastside, and we hope you do too!

I believe in treating every girl I coach as the best player I have ever seen, and each team is the best team I have ever coached. Skills need to be correctly learned and mastered, but a girl’s self-image is a dominating factor to that end. Team camaraderie is essential to the team spirit needed for success, and this is led by the coach’s positive attitude. I work to make the girls understand that they all contribute to the total team. There are no super stars, and no one player can do everything alone. Each girl has different talents to make the total team stronger than it’s parts.
— Glenn Ferrone, Director and Head Coach
Club volleyball is an opportunity to improve your skills, participate in a competitive environment, and interact with coaches and players from different areas and backgrounds. But overall, it should be fun! We strive for a family-feeling here at Eastside, and we believe the greatest compliment is to see our players return year after year.
— Nikki Young, Director and Head Coach