Girl's Club Volleyball

All meetings, open gyms, and practices are held at Eastside Athletics, 11435 Lithopolis Rd., Lithopolis, OH 43136.


Fridays, 6:00-9:00pm at Eastside Athletics. Cost: $5 per person.


Practice Makes Perfect

Our teams practice 2-3 times a week, starting in December, at Eastside Athletics (11435 Lithopolis Rd, Lithopolis 43136).

Positional Training

A six-week series of two-hour sessions in December and January, focusing on improving basic form and technique for each skill and position. Levels 10u-12u will work each position in order to develop all skills and form solid foundations. Levels 13u-18u will specifically work on their designated position.


We play in 8 regional tournaments and finish at the OVR Championship.


We play in 5 one-day American tournaments, 2 two-day American Challenges, and finish at the OVR Championship.


American Elite

We play in 3 one-day American tournaments, 3-4 multi-day OVR or JVA tournaments, and finish at the OVR Championship.


Tournaments begin the end of January to the beginning of February. All tournaments are in Ohio except the JVA tournaments, which can be in surrounding states such as Indiana and Kentucky. The OVR Championship is held at the Columbus Convention Center in May.


Regional fees are $975 per player, with an additional fee for Select teams. American fees are $1,250 per player.  American Elite fees are $1,600 per player. Fee includes 2 team jerseys, a team t-shirt, entry to tournaments, and all coaching and court rental expenses. We are a nonprofit organization and offer scholarship and sponsorship options.


Check out our Tryouts page for all our info.

View/download the Eastside Club Handbook.



Giovanna Assis
Gracie Sayre
Caylee Burdine
Michaia Herron

Madison Fox
Madison McFarland
Jordan Wolfe


Amber Hampton
Autumn McKnabb
Ella Miles
Elijah Herron
Samantha Rouser
Camille Myers
Thessaly Huy

Aubrey Helser
Kennedy Robinson
Zoie Hall
Veronica Snyder-Cotton
Vivian Berkhemer
Savanna Cross


Cassandra Kirkland
Karmen Salmons
Zaria Carter
Morgan Kaylor
Madison Kaylor
Mia Petty
Madison Lacy

Zoe Dixon
Zoe Schorr
Zuriah Hawkins
Evelyn Brown
Autum Diel
Maggie West
Meadow Dawson


Riley Schilling
Adeline Krustch
Tayla London
Emma McCall
Abigail Gilmer
Camryn Evans

Sydney Blackstone
Allie Buckner
Jayden Schram
Savannah Johnson
Isabella Garry
Jenay Major


Wylee Underwood
Angelena Herron
McKenna Diederich
JeriLynn Koehler
Abby Kenney
Anna Kenney
Caitlyn Young
McKenna Wiseman
Joanna Hildenbrand
Katelynn Lykins
Isabella Ripple
Zya Dickerson
Regan Nutter
Carli Hutchinson
Mason Campbell
Ashley Kefauver

Kascy Carter
Olivia Wilson
Arianna Gilmore
Alexis Young
Megan Karns
Makenzie Stiltner
Mattalyn Armitage
Gwendolyn Hann
Elaine Gervais
Lilly Garner
Emma McCrady
Sophia Shaw
Isabella Gilmer
Riley Karns
Samantha Thacker


Bailey Alloy
Emilee Morrison
Joanna Crawford
Brooklyn Wilson
Katelyn Householder
Kamryn Withrow
Marria Iulianelli
Dominique Assis
Molly Neff
Kylie Wohanas
Charlotte Chamberlain

Lilian Grambo
Gina Ucker
Ellie Thompson
Lindsay Jones
Olivia Duty
Mya Fuller
Isabella McBride
Caitlyn Korbel
Reece Gresh
Amanda Le


Kaydee Brown
Mary Bright
Katelyn Huefner
Abbie Hall
Sierra McQueary
Chloe Kreuger
Grace Seipel
Hayley Vanover
Cailin Cook-Porter

Makayla Reyes
Alexandria Warner
Naomi Molyneaux
Lexus Johnson
Grace Essinger
Aniya Owens
Madison Copas
Kristina Desenberg
Tori Banks